【NEWS】160122 KBS new drama “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-Ho” releases final cast


•Park Shin Yang (confirmed/ lawyer)
•Kang SoRa (confirmed/ associate attorney)
•Park Sol Mi (confirmed)
•Ryu Soo-Young (confirmed/ a police inspector)
•Child actor Lee Si Woo (confirmed/ as a son of ShinYang)


【NEWS】160118 Kang SoRa considers human drama Neighborhood Lawyer with Park Shin Yang


Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho is based around a classic underdog setup: Adapted from webtoon, it features a man who seemed poised to enjoy a shining career as a prosecutor, as well as becoming future son-in-law to the head of a major law firm. But then he reports internal corruption in the prosecutor’s office and it all goes sideways, as he loses his prosecutor job and has to start over as a small-time lawyer. He sets up a small neighborhood practice and starts to build his career back up and work for the people. Were she to accept, Kang So-ra would play a lawyer, Lee Eun-jo, who works at a major law firm.

The lead role was offered to Park Shin-yang (Sign) back in November, and while he has not yet finalized, he’s reportedly “considering positively,” while Kang So-ra has recently received the offer and intends to make a decision “shortly.”

The drama seems like it’ll be an uplifting human drama that’ll get us pulling for the hero’s arc, which sounds promising. It also has my attention for being the next drama by director Lee Jung-sub, who last directed Healer. (The writing was really the highlight of that drama, but I won’t turn my nose down at the directing; I’m always grateful when I come across a show that gets me excited for whatever reason.) Writing is Lee Hyang-hee, who wrote sageuk drama King’s Face last year and also 2007’s War of Money, which also starred Park Shin-yang in another underdog-triumph storyline and was a huge ratings hit at the time.

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho is set to premiere in March, following KBS’s current Monday-Tuesday drama Moorim School.

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【News】Park Shin-yang up for webtoon adaptation Neighborhood LawyerTION |

KBS has decided on its next Monday-Tuesday drama: an adaptation of the webtoonNeighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho, about a once successful prosecutor who falls off the fast-track to success and has to build a new life as a small-time lawyer. The series has secured a March premiere and an offer is out to Park Shin-yang, who hasn’t done a drama since he starred in 2011’s Sign. Maybe he’s prepping for a big TV comeback in the new year, because he’s also headlining the new tvN variety show Acting School, in which he’ll teach rookies or famous foot-actors to be better actors.

The webtoon by artist-writer Hatchling is about a man who once had a bright future ahead of him as a star prosecutor, and was on track to become the future son-in-law to the head of a large law firm. But when he witnesses corruption in the prosecutor’s office and reports it, he loses everything in one fell swoop. The story is about him rebuilding his life and turning his very tiny, pathetic neighborhood law office into a second chance to become a lawyer who protects people and protects the law, and grows as a person in the process.

Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/12/park-shin-yang-up-for-webtoon-adaptation-neighborhood-lawyer/


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