【Drama】“Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho” 1st Stills

[Netizen’s comments] 160225 Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho – God Shin Yang (Park Shin Yang) is back. [OSEN]

[+2281 -44] The story of webtoon is interested. So expect this.

[+1467 -32] Ah, all dramas of Park Shin Yang are good, so excited.

[+1347 -34] Yeah, just took a look of new stills, he is definitely an true actor.

[+1056 -36] Even this kind of dramas have lots of arguments, but the original story is meaningful. If that is Park Shin Yang… so expect.

[+849 -37] Park Shin Yang, long time no see.

[+117 -9] Park Shin Yang has great acting. All characters of him are good. He is really an handsome actor.

[+103 -4] Park Shin Yang~ these days I’m watching his show – “Actor School”, it’s so precious when can have this kind of actor, wow~ he acts Jo Deul Ho.. don’t have to say more.

[+85 -2] This feeling just like come back to 9 years ago when watch drama “War Of Money”.

[+80 -5] Park Shin Yang comes back to Kdrama, none of conditions to watch this.

[+64 -3] Is this a drama of Park Shin Yang and Kang So Ra? I guess this will be a big fight of three tv channels, it has to choose right the writer, feel this’ll fun.
By @Park Shin Yang Fanclub
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