2 thoughts on “【SHOW】“ACTOR SCHOOL” EP.01 (Raw)

  1. Kelistian says:

    I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Seriously hoping for Eng Sub. But I still watch because Park Shin Yang is still so charismatic. And him being a teacher, looks really serious, and looks like he really knows how to probe into the hearts of the students. Since he even went to Russia to study acting, I believe he is probably trained in the system of Stanislavski’s acting. I would really love to see how he guide the actors through this system of acting which I personally (though just a normal viewer and not actor myself) have read about and agreed with.

    And without understanding a single word, Park Shin Yang’s presence is so powerful that even if he is not speaking, you can’t ignore him. When he is speaking, you can’t help listening and for the students, “cowering” and “trembling” especially if they have not fully opened up themselves (though not hiding anything deliberately). But when Park Shin Yang smiles……WOW. The sun shines.


  2. parkxiaowu says:

    Well. Hope that some sub team will help to make engsub. If not, I’m fine with that.
    This is not the first time I watch him (his show, interview…) without sub. Just look at his face and smile, I have been crazy already, Haha!!!


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