【Review】Korean ver《War of money》VS Japanese ver《銭の戦争》

So Japanese is remaking of hit Korean Drama 《War of money》 and it has just released trailer recently. First, I’m not going to talk about the appearance or acting of actors and actress.

Let’s compare some scenes between two actors: Park Shin Yang and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.

w6 Well, about the look are pretty alike, expression of eyes are quite same. The most interesting of this drama is this part, Park Shin Yang is totally good and hard working in acting when made Geum Nara becomes poor, dirty,.etc. But when I look at Japanese version, I think it doesn’t good enough.


Just take a look of the first meeting of both main charater. In my opinion, it seems like about 98%, maybe it will have diffirence of scripts between 2 versions.


About the second actress, I was really like the couple of Korean ver, pretty curious the Japanese ver will be good like Korean or not.


Other same scenes




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