【Link】Movies ‘s list

  • 2013《Man on the Edge》(Raw)


  • 2012《Miss GO》(cameo role_cut)


  • 2007 《Meet Mr Daddy》(Raw)


  • 2004 《The Big Swindle》 (Engsub)


  • 2003 《The Uninvited》 (Raw)


  • 2001 《Hi! Dharma!》 (ENG/CHI)


  • 2001 《Indian Summer》 (Raw)


  • 2000 《Kilimanjaro》 (Chisub)


  • 1998 《White Valentine》 (Engsub)


  •  1998 《A Promise》 (Raw)


  • 1997 《The Letter》 (Chisub)


  • 1997 《Poison》 (Chisub)


  • 1996《Yuri》(Raw)



7 thoughts on “【Link】Movies ‘s list

  1. Amedeo says:

    Hi! This post is absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much! I am sad though, because some of the movies can not be played, some errors keep occurring. Can that be fixed in any way, please?
    Amedeo, Romania


    • parkxiaowu says:

      Hi! Thanks for leaving commet.

      All links were fine before I posted. It seems there are some errors with my google drive because when I log in to it, all videos are good and available.

      Sorry for let you down. May you have any good suggestion or know any good website which likes google drive?

      I don’t want to upload to youtube because there are some problem with rights. Youku or Tudou are fine but I’m not sure that all fans can log in when some permitions are present.

      Thank you!


  2. Sam Espejo says:

    This page is amazing!!!

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing Park Shin Yang’s movies. I have been looking for YURI in ages. Finally, I get to watch it. Thanks a lot!

    By the way, do you happen to have 1997 Motel Cactus. That’s the only movie I have been able to find. Just a few clips in You Tube.


    • parkxiaowu says:

      I’ve watched that movie before, not sure can find it or not, let me try it.
      But did you have any problem when visit these links? I received some letter said that can’t open it.
      Sorry for the late replying, I’m quite busy these day 😉
      Have a nice day!


      • Sam Espejo says:

        I really hope you can find “Motel Cactus”. I have not tried the other links. Just the Yuri movie link and it is working fine. 🙂


      • parkxiaowu says:

        I remembered that I watch it from youtube. In my opinion I didn’t really like that movie. Moreover he seemed like not the main actor in that movie, about one-third part was him.. Anyway, I will keep searching it, just can’t promise ~


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